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Schenectady County Youth Bureau

Investing in our Youth Today, For Tomorrow

As a member of the Integrated County Planning Team, the Youth Bureau envisions a future in Schenectady County where all families provide stable, nurturing environments for children, have optimal physical and emotional health, and have access to services that are comprehensive, well-coordinated and community-based.

The Youth Bureau and Youth Board invest and monitor over $150,000 of NYS OCFS dollars in over 12 youth development programs throughout the County. The Schenectady County Youth Bureau operates and/or oversees a number of programs designed to improve the lives of Schenectady County youth.

Schenectady Schools County/City Outreach Kids Group

Schenectady Schools County/City Outreach Kids interacting

Programs include:

SPYN (Schenectady’s Promise Youth Network): Initiated by the Youth Bureau and Union College, meets monthly with local service providers and other nonprofit youth organizations. The meetings encourage collaboration, networking and support among agencies especially in these competitive fiscal times.

Schenectady County Job Shadow Day and Luncheon: Organized by the Youth Bureau, working in partnership with the Schenectady School District and Junior Achievement of Albany County, introduced High School students to potential careers through this one-day, on-site orientation. Shadow experiences included the Sheriff’s Department, City Police Department, City and County Court Judges, County Probation, Public Defenders Office and City Fire Department. The
entire group (50+ students) are welcomed by Schenectady County Community College for a luncheon at the Van Curler Room. Students were given a tour of the campus.

SSCCORE (Schenectady Schools County/City Outreach, Recreation & Education Summer Camp): Served over 200 youth from ages 8 to 14 for five weeks during the summer. The camp is located in Central Park in the City of Schenectady. Collaboration of partners included the Youth Bureau, the County and City of Schenectady, the City of Schenectady Public School District, City of Schenectady Fire Department, Schenectady County Sheriff Department, and 15 LOVE Tennis program. Academic enrichment (with seven certified teachers from the SCSD), swimming lessons, computer education, fishing instruction, nature hikes and exploring, tennis lessons and a number of other sports activities were offered daily at no cost to the youth.

Page by Page: Trains teenagers to read to younger children in recreational settings to help teens develop leadership skills and improve basic literacy in the elementary aged children. Over 20 teenage volunteers from throughout the County participated in this program. Over 1200 “free” books were given to youth courtesy of the “First Book” program and Youth Bureau.

Hillhurst/Steinmetz Park Summer Program: Through partnerships with the City of Schenectady, Boys & Girls Clubs of Schenectady, Schenectady City School District, Schenectady County Sherriff, and SICM lunch program the Schenectady County Youth Bureau is able to provide a 7-week recreational and educational program at Hillhurst and Steinmetz Parks since 2013. Funding is provided by a successful grant application to the City of Schenectady Community Development Block Grant Program.


  • All youth in Schenectady County will have access to affordable, quality youth development programs available during critical hours of need on a daily basis.
  • All youth will have opportunities to access leadership development programs and/or be utilized as assets to the community.
  • State and local leaders will be made aware of the importance of providing adequate funding for quality youth development and prevention programs.
  • The community will become more aware of opportunities that can be accessed for children and families residing in Schenectady County.
  • Organizations, departments and youth-serving agencies within Schenectady County will better utilize youth development principles when working with youth.