Probation Department

620 State Street, Schenectady, NY 13205 ♦ Department of Probation (518) 388-4330
608 State Street, Schenectady, NY 13205  ♦  Center for Juvenile Justice (518) 386-2271

Thomas Zampella, Director  ♦  Timothy Ferrara, Deputy Director


The Probation Department plays a significant role in both the criminal and juvenile justice systems, working towards safer communities. It is essential that we develop and maintain effective partnerships with the Courts and law enforcement agencies that serve the various jurisdictions within the County. These partnerships also need to extend to the myriad of community service agencies that share our commitment to improving our community. Our approach is to never compromise our core values while continuously pursuing our mission and vision of our department.

Our Vision and Mission Statement
To elevate the quality of life for the residents of Schenectady County by creating safer communities; enhance public safety by providing effective community - based strategies that promote positive behavior change, accountability and law-abiding behavior.