Conservation District Programs and Services

The Conservation District participates in various educational programs. They include, but are not limited to:

  • The Indian Kill Fishing Derby,
  • Capital Region Envirothon,
  • Earth Day at Rosendale Elementary,
  • Compost Facility Tours,
  • Good Housekeeping presentation for municipal employees.

Critical Area Seeding Program
The Schenectady County Conservation District continues to stress the importance of erosion and sediment control via the County Critical Area Seeding Program. Working closely with various county agencies, the District utilizes specialized equipment to address seeding and mulching needs on projects throughout the County. This ongoing program is an important component to the overall efforts of the Conservation District and Schenectady County directed towards reducing erosion and sediment loading to the water bodies of the County. The District staff can respond almost immediately to a request from the County DPW to follow-up their ditching efforts with good stabilization practices.

Agricultural Environmental Managemenr Program (AEM)
Funded by monies from the New York State Bond Act, this program is designed to assist agricultural producers by identifying and documenting any environmental concerns their operation may have, plan corrective measures and then assist landowners with funding in order to implement conservation and nutrient management practices that would help to protect water quality. 

County Bike/Hike Trail and Preserve Maintenance Program
The Conservation District is responsible for inspection and maintenance of the 9.1 miles of the Schenectady County Bike/Hike Trail and over 800 acres of recreational land. It is a daily responsibility to keep the Bike/Hike Trails, County Forest, Plotterkill Preserve and the Indian Kill Preserve safe and enjoyable for the thousands of users who take advantage of these great recreational resources annually. 

Annual Tree & Shrub Program
The Conservation District conducts an Annual Tree & Shrub Program providing inexpensive seedlings, bare-root and groundcover plants to landowners. The products for sale are supplied to enhance property mainly as wildlife habitat improvement, energy conservation, reforestation and an effective aid in erosion control. Information regarding the annual sale is available in early spring of each year.

• 2018 Tree & Shrub Brochure         • 2018 Tree & Shrub Order Form

Alternative to Incarceration - Community Service Program
Since 1988, the Conservation District has cooperated with the Schenectady County Court System and the Center for Community Justice. Program clients are provided safe and beneficial worksites with quality supervision. Program clients participate in a variety of projects including trail maintenance, compost facility and municipal landscaping projects. In 2007, program clients completed nearly 5000 hours of community service at Conservation District worksites. 




Jason Cass
District Manager
24 Hetcheltown Road
Glenville, NY 12302
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