Medical & Home Care Services

The Department of Social Services is responsible for the needs assessment, programmatic eligibility determination and authorization of a wide range of medical/home care services to Medicaid recipients.

What are Home Care Services?
All home care services are designed to insure the health and safety of elderly, infirm, or disabled individuals by providing a range of home based services which assist in maintaining the recipient at home. Home care services are physician ordered and supervised by a registered nurse. Licensed providers under contract with and monitored by Department of Social Services, are responsible for service delivery.

How can I apply for Home Care Services?
Eligibility for all home care programs is determined by the Office of Long Term Care, 107 Nott Terrace, Suite 305, Schenectady, NY  12308.

What if I need Nursing Home Care?
Chronic Care Medical Assistance is a financial service available to meet the cost of nursing home care.  The medicaid staff conduct eligibility interviews at 797 Broadway, Schenectady, NY; documentation is gathered and reviewed for a financial eligibility determination.  Applications can be obtained and appointments made by calling 518-388-4445.

What are Medical Transportation Services?
These services are provided under the Medicaid program to SSI and Medicaid eligible individuals for the purpose of accessing medical care.

What are the modes of Medical Transportation?
Bus, taxi, ambulette, ambulance, and mileage for private cars are usual.

Who determines the correct mode of transportation?
Determination is made by the patient's physician and/or medical practitioner in conjunction with prescribed guidelines. Medical Answering Services provides all Medicaid Transportation for Schenectady County DSS.

What is the process for those enrolled in Managed Care Plans?
Medical transportation is available to managed-care members through their Medicaid case.  The managed-care participant must contact Medical Answering Services.
Family Health Plus participants may access emergency transportation only through their individual health plan.  Non-emergency transportation is not available.

How do I get approval for medical transportation?
Medical transportation is obtained through Medical Answering Services at 1-855-852-3291.






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