Housing and Homeless Services

The housing office of the Schenectady County DSS is located at 797 Broadway. The office provides temporary shelter to homeless families, singles and childless couples in the county.  The process begins with an assessment to determine the circumstances causing the need for temporary housing assistance (THA).

What Services are Provided?

Placement and Payment – The office handles the placement of homeless in Schenectady County and payment to facilities and agencies that provide services.

Housing Resources Development – The office works with agency providers who establish housing services or other services designed to prevent homelessness.

Case Management Services – The office coordinates the provision of casework services to the homeless provided by the not-for-profit agencies and providers direct casework services to the hard to serve populations.

Support Services – The office assists homeless families and singles in the search for permanent housing.  The office provides information and referral services about available housing resources including Section 8, municipal housing or other special needs resources.

What do I need to do to apply for help?

  • An application for public assistance is required.
  • Eligibility is based upon case specific household circumstances.
  • Each household must cooperate in the creation of an “Independent Living Plan”.  Continued eligibility for temporary housing assistance is based on the household maintaining full compliance with the terms and conditions of the plan.
  • Any income available to the household is budgeted toward the cost of the temporary housing assistance.
  • All requirements concerning documentation, substance abuse assessments, employment, child support cooperation and other specific eligibility requirements apply to individuals or families that are homeless.
  • All households receiving temporary housing assistance must document their search for permanent housing as a condition for receiving such assistance.





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