Comprehensive Cancer Control

What do food procurement, breastfeeding and cancer screening have in common? They are all cancer prevention strategies.

What is food procurement? 
Food procurement is how government and other community agencies purchase food. This food is used to provide meals for people in child-care centers, schools, hospitals, jails, and senior programs. Why is healthy food procurement necessary? People are eating and drinking more calories Eating foods high in saturated fat and sodium and low in fruits and vegetables adds to a person’s chance of developing cancer Healthy food standards improve nutrition and health, lower healthcare costs, and help create a healthier food environment. (MORE INFORMATION)

Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended for the first six months, with continued breastfeeding as long as mutually desired by mother and infant. Breastfeeding reduces cancer risk for both mother and child.
Breastfeeding Standie Photos taken in Community Settings. If you would like to host a breastfeedind standie at your location please contact: Schenectady County Public Health Services at 518-386-2824

Cancer Screening


One of the barriers that many face to undergoing regular cancer screenings is finding the time to do so. Schenectady County has established a comprehensive cancer screeening policy which has served as a model for other municipalities to follow. For more information on cancer screen recommendations please visit





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