Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (CLPPP)

Why should I worry about lead in my home?

  • Lead in the home can cause children and pregnant women to unknowingly be exposed to lead hazards and possibly poisoned by them.
  • Lead Poisoning can cause major development and behavioral problems in growing babies and young children.
  • Lead is commonly found in the paint used in older homes built before 1978. Most homes in the City of Schenectady were built before 1978, and many contain lead in their indoor and outdoor paint.

How can Schenectady County help me make sure my home is safe? The Lead-Safe Neighborhood Program offers FREE lead inspections to many homes in the City of Schenectady and in Schenectady County. If a lead hazard is found in your home, program staff will make sure the hazard is cleaned up, so your children will not be exposed to lead. The county has recently teamed up with the City of Schenectady to provide money to homeowners to remove lead-hazards from qualifying homes within the city. Please call 518-386-2818 for an appointment. You may qualify for a FREE lead inspection

  • Do you live in the 12303, 12304, 12307 or 12308 zip codes?
  • Do you have children under the age of 6 in the house or are you pregnant?
  • Are you a renter, resident, or a homeowner?
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Lead is a natural metal that is commonly found in our environments.FAQ What is lead?

  • It has been used in buildings, homes, paints, household products and industry before we learned the health effects that exposure to lead can cause.
  • Lead makes paint very durable, so it was used in both indoor and outdoor paints made before 1978.
  • In 1978, lead in paint was banned for use in residential homes because we learned about the health problems in can cause. It is still used commercially, and can be found on things like outdoor bridges.
  • Many homes in Schenectady County and most of the homes in the City of Schenectady, especially in the Hamilton Hill and Woodlawn neighborhoods, were built before 1978.
  • Lead can also be found in cigarettes, ashes, some printed materials and in some cultural cosmetics and home remedies like Kohl or Surma.

What is lead poisoning?

  • When children are exposed to lead, they absorb it into their blood and bones and this can cause lead poisoning.
  • Children are more likely than adults to get lead poisoning, and to experience health effects from being poisoned because they are still growing.
  • ANY amount of lead in the body is bad and can hurt your child. There is no “safe” level of lead for the body.

What health problems does lead poisoning cause?

  • Behavioral problems including acting out and ADHD
  • Learning disabilities, including a decrease in IQ
  • Affect child growth
  • Anemia
  • Kidney problems
  • Prenatal problems for both the mother and the growing fetus

What causes lead poisoning?

  • Eating pieces of peeling paint (it tastes sweet to children!)
  • Breathing in microscopic paint dust
  • Playing in the yard or dirt outside a home
  • Using cultural cosmetics and home remedies like Kohl or Surma.

I live in an older home, how can I protect my family and prevent lead poisoning?

Get your home tested for lead, so if you have a lead hazard it can be properly cleaned-up. You many qualify for a FREE lead test.
In the meantime:

  • Frequent hand washing
  • Close supervision of children
  • Damp mop & wipe floors and window areas at least weekly
  • Store foods in plastic or glass containers
  • Keep children away from damaged and peeling painted surface





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