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Ray Gillen, Commissioner


The Planning Department affects the lives of all Schenectady County residents by coordinating sound planning with local, state and federal agencies. The Planning Department has the ability to extend comprehensive services which encompass many aspects of planning, zoning, subdivision and environmental review, riverfront revitalization, transportation planning and traffic safety, recycling/solid waste planning, ground water protection, airport planning, agricultural protection and promotion and part and recreation development.

An integral responsibility of the Planning Department is to provide advice and technical assistance to the County Manager, the Schenectady County Legislature, and municipal governments. Through comprehensive planning, balancing economic development and the preservation of resources our quality of life and natural environment can be enhanced.

Examples of services that are beneficial to county residents include:

  • Comprehensive, metropolitan, regional and municipal planning
  • Securing federal & state grants for large and small scale projects
  • Reviewing local development proposals

Examples of current projects:

  • Schenectady Bike Link Project
  • Mohawk Riverfront Revitalization Plan
  • Farmland Protection Plan
  • Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program
  • Hydrostratigraphic Investigation of the Great Flats Aquifer  



Economic Development and Planning Documents