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The District Attorney's Office employs a number of prosecutors within various concentrations. 

Current Opportunities

The District Attorney's Office is currently seeking individual interested in the following:

Assistant District Attorney - CARP\Financial Crimes Unit

Criminal Law Attorney



The Schenectady County District Attorney legal intern program is also run primarily out of the appellate bureau.  Law students who are accepted into the program become an invaluable resource for the office and provide much of the research support and initial drafts for appellate briefs and other motions that are filed with the Court of Appeals, Appellate Division, and County Court.  Along with working in the appellate bureau, interns also assist prosecutors in Schenectady City Court and other local courts.  Under the program interns are also allowed, under supervision, to represent the office as attorneys in minor court proceedings and non-jury trials.  The combined focus of the legal research and writing from the appellate bureau and the practical opportunity to observe and participate in court proceedings, has given many young attorneys a strong platform to pursue careers in prosecution not only in Schenectady County, but in numerous offices throughout the State.


This volunteer program gives students an opportunity to explore careers in areas of criminal justice other than law enforcement and at the same time earn credits toward their degree. Students work directly with crime victims and assist them through the stages of the criminal justice process, and they advocate to prosecutors and law enforcement officials the needs of crime victims. Additionally, students observe firsthand how the court process is run and what the job of a prosecutor, defense attorney, and judge entails.