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Pistol Permits


NEW APPLICANTS: Instructions for applicants that DO NOT currently possess a NYS Pistol Permit or NYS Semi-Automatic Rifle PermitNew Applicant Instructions


APPLICANTS FOR UNRESTRICTED:  Instructions for current NYS Pistol Permit holders wishing to remove restrictions from a permit: Unrestricting Existing Permit Instructions



SEMI-AUTOMATIC RIFLE PERMIT:  Current NYS Pistol Permit holders wishing to apply for a semi-automatic rifle endorsement please follow these instructions: Semi-Automatic Rifle Endorsement

New applicants that DO NOT currently possess a NYS Pistol Permit please follow these instructions: New Applicant Instructions




Do I need a license to possess a pistol or revolver in New York State? 

Yes.  You are still required to have a license to possess a pistol or revolver.  Nothing in the recent Supreme Court decision changes this fact.

What are the new requirements to obtain a concealed carry license?

See links above for the most detailed instructions. 

How does the new law impact the recertification due date of my Pistol Permit?

If you have a NYS Pistol Permit, you are now required to resubmit your recertification to the New York State Police every three years after issuance instead of every five.  For the most up to date information on recertification please visit this site: 

Who is required to take the new firearm safety training course? 

Any individual who seeks to obtain an unrestricted concealed carry license for a pistol or revolver will be required to take the 16-hour classroom and 2-hour live-fire firearm safety training course.  This will be required for concealed carry licenses issued on or after September 1, 2022.

Where will I take the required firearm safety course?  How much will it cost?

The firearm safety training course will be provided by authorized instructors, in accordance with standards published by the NYS Police and the New York State Division of Criminal Justice (DCJS).  Schenectady County approved course providers will be listed below upon approval. 

When will I need to take the firearm safety training course?

Proof of completion of the firearm safety training course is required to obtain an unrestricted concealed carry permit on or after September 1, 2022.

Do I need to take the firearm safety training course if I already have an unrestricted concealed carry permit in Schenectady County?

No.  Existing unrestricted concealed carry permit holders are not required to take the firearm safety training course.  The firearm safety training course is also not required to recertify your permit with the State Police.

Are individuals with a restricted permit now able to carry concealed outside their restrictions?

No.  You would need to obtain an unrestricted concealed carry permit.  You cannot legally carry a concealed pistol or revolver outside of your restriction in New York State if you only have a restricted license.

What are the places, under the new law, where I cannot bring a firearm, rifle, or shotgun?

Effective September 1, 2022, the possession of a firearm, rifle, or shotgun is prohibited in sensitive locations. Under the law, the following are considered sensitive locations:

• Any location owned or under control of federal, state, or local government for the purpose of government administration, including courts;

• Any location providing health, behavioral health, or chemical dependence care or services;

• Places of worship or religious observation;

• Libraries, public playgrounds, public parks, and zoos;

• NYS Office of Children and Family Service licensed or funded facilities (childcare facilities);

• Nursery schools, preschools, summer camps;

• NYS Office for People with Developmental Disabilities licensed or funded facilities;

• NYS Office of Addiction Services and Supports licensed or funded facilities;

• NYS Office of Mental Health licensed or funded facilities;

• NYS Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance licensed or funded facilities;

• Homeless shelters, family shelters, domestic violence shelters;

• NYS Department of Health licensed or funded residential facilities;

• Colleges, universities, private schools, public schools, and other educational institutions;

• Public transportation and transit facilities;

• Bars and restaurants serving alcohol, and on-premises cannabis consumption locations;

• Theaters, stadiums, racetracks, museums, amusement parks, performance venues, concert halls, exhibit halls, conference centers, banquet halls, gaming facilities, video lottery terminal facilities as licensed by the gaming commission;

• Polling places;

• Public sidewalks and other public areas that are restricted from general public access for a limited time or special event;

• Gatherings of people to collectively express their constitutional rights to assemble or protest; and

• Times Square (with boundaries determined by New York City).

If I have an unrestricted concealed carry permit, can I carry my pistol or revolver to sensitive locations?

No.  Subject to exceptions for certain individuals, Penal Law §265.01-e prohibits bringing any pistol, revolver, rifle, shotgun or any other firearm to a sensitive location – even if you have a concealed carry license.

Can I possess a firearm, rifle or shotgun in the Adirondack or Catskill Parks?

Certain areas of the parks are not considered “sensitive locations” under the law, as the state- owned or managed lands are legally classified as state forest preserve or are generally private lands. There are areas inside the Adirondack and Catskill Parks, however, that are classified as sensitive locations or restricted locations under the new gun law (e.g., libraries and government administrative facilities) and these specific locations are subject to the sensitive and restricted location restrictions under the law.

How does the new law impact transporting firearms in a vehicle?

Effective September 1, 2022, if you leave your gun unattended in a vehicle, it must be unloaded and locked in a fire, impact, and tamper resistant storage depository that is hidden from view. Glove compartments and glove boxes are not appropriate safe storage depositories. A plastic or aluminum, lockable, hard-sided, gun case or safe will suffice for this purpose. If an adult remains with the vehicle to ensure security, a case or safe is not required. To prevent theft and ensure safety, it is always recommended that firearms be secured during transport. Local rules for traveling with firearms also apply and may be more restrictive. For example, New York City requires that all guns be unloaded, in a case, and out of sight, even when you are with the vehicle (Penal Law § 265.45).

How am I required to store my firearms in my home?

If anyone younger than 18 years old or anyone who is prohibited from possessing a gun resides in the home, all firearms, rifles, and shotguns not in your immediate control must either be:

• secured with a gun locking device (trigger lock or cable lock) that makes them incapable of being accessed or fired by the prohibited individual, or

• locked securely in a safe or secure container that is fire, impact, and tamper resistant and which is locked using a key, keypad, or combination.

Are the terms "license" and "permit" the same?

Yes.  The terms license and permit are used interchangeably when discussing New York State Pistol Permits/Licenses and Semi-Automatic Rifle Permits/Licenses.



How do I apply for my Semi-Automatic Rifle Permit?

Starting September 4, 2022, you may apply for a semi-automatic rifle license through the County Clerk's Office.  Existing Pistol Permit holders can add a semi-automatic rifle endorsement to their Pistol Permit by processing an amendment.  SemiAutomatic Rifle Endorsement Instructions  Applicants who do not possess a valid NYS Pistol Permit must complete the application process here: New Applicant Instructions

Do I need a semi-automatic rifle endorsement to keep a semi-automatic rifle I currently own? 

Any person that lawfully possesses a semi-automatic rifle prior to September 4, 2022, will not be required to obtain a semi-automatic rifle license. 

The semi-automatic rifle license is only required for persons acquiring a semi-automatic rifle on or after September 4, 2022.

Has the age requirement changed to acquire and/or possess a semi-automatic rifle?

Yes.  Starting on September 4, 2022, the minimum age to purchase or take ownership of a semi-automatic rifle is 21 years old.  If you are younger than 21 years old, and lawfully acquired a semi-automatic rifle prior to September 4, 2022, you may continue to possess that rifle.  

All transactions related to Pistol Permits are done BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

Call 518-388-4225 to schedule an appointment.


Please review the Pistol Permit Instructions listed below.  All necessary forms are linked below for your convenience.

To add/remove firearms, change your name, address, or occupation, please call the number above to schedule an appointment.

Please note: Pistol Permit Recertification is a NYS Police function.  Any and all questions regarding recertification can be directed here.

Forms and Applications

A firearms license, commonly referred to as a pistol permit, can only be issued in New York State by a designated licensing officer, which in Schenectady County is one of the duly elected County Judges.

Penal law 400.00 requires basic criteria to be established in order for a license to be issued. The applicant must demonstrate the following:

Good moral character; Lack of conviction of a felony or a serious offense; Absence of any mental illness or confinement to any hospital/institution for mental illness; and Lack of good cause for denial of license.


Reminder: Background checks are required for transactions between individuals. The background check must be done by a dealer and they can charge up to $10 for the background check. For more information please visit the New York Safe Act website.

BASIC Approved Training Programs

The courses below have been approved for applicants wishing to receive a restricted pistol permit.  Restrictions can include: on premises, hunting, target shooting, hiking and camping.

ADVANCED Firearms Safety Training Course Providers
Standards for ADVANCED Firearm Safety Course

As prescribed by law and approved by the issuing officer of Schenectady County all ADVANCED Firearm Safety Courses for Unrestricted Concealed Carry MUST include:


Transferring In or Out of Schenectady County

To Transfer Out of Schenectady County

Please call the number above to schedule a transfer out appointment.  The fee is $10.00, and we will pack up your file and mail to your new county.


To Transfer In to Schenectady County

After transferring out of your previous county, we will receive your file in the mail and reach out via phone or mail to schedule an appointment to transfer you in.

Schenectady County Sheriff Fingerprinting Information

The applicant must be fingerprinted at the Schenectady County Sheriff’s Office.

All references must be received before you can be fingerprinted.

YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED BY MAIL when all four references have been received.

Fingerprinting is done on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 12:00pm-2:00pm and Thursdays from 6:00pm to 8:00pm, NO APPOINTMENT REQUIRED. Bring your applications, letters to the judge, safety course certificate and any certifications of disposition.


The fee for this service is $116.50 and may only be paid with a MONEY ORDER payable to Schenectady County.  The Sheriff is not authorized to accept checks, credit cards, or cash.  NO CHILDREN are allowed to accompany you while you are fingerprinted.