Schenectady County Purchases Rescue Utility Vehicle for Rapid Emergency Response in the Plotter Kill Preserve

Plotter Kill Vehicle Donation

Schenectady County officials today turned over the keys to a new rescue utility vehicle to the Plotter Kill Fire Department for rapid emergency responses in the Plotter Kill Preserve.

“The Plotter Kill is one of our greatest natural assets attracting visitors from around the region,” said Anthony Jasenski, Chair of the Schenectady County Legislature.  “The purchase of this vehicle will allow the Plotter Kill Fire Department to quickly respond to emergency situations that will ensure the safety of our residents so they can enjoy the beauty of the preserve.”

Schenectady County has been working with the Plotter Kill Fire Department, Schenectady County Soil and Water Conservation District, the Schenectady County Environmental Advisory Council (SCEAC) to identify improvements that will have a significant impact on user access and safety at the preserve.

“The popularity of the preserve has soared thanks to the impressive sight of three beautiful waterfalls and more than 600 species of plants,” said Tom Constantine, Chair of the Legislatures Committee on Public Safety and Firefighting.  “To provide the best experience to our residents and visitors, the County has worked collaboratively on safety and emergency response improvements,  and the rescue utility vehicle was identified as a critical piece of equipment that would improve emergency response into and out of the preserve.” 

Schenectady County recently purchased the vehicle and transferred ownership to the Plotter Kill Fire Department.  As part of an intergovernmental agreement, the Department will be responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the vehicle and will make it available to other fire departments and emergency services through mutual aid agreements. The total cost of the vehicle was $33,000 and was included in the County’s 2019 Capital Improvement Program.



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