Schenectady County Legislature Announces $200,000 in Funding for Proctors Emergency Roof Repair above Arcade

Proctors Check Presentation

The Schenectady County Legislature announced at the April 1, 2019 committee meeting their continued support for Proctors with $200,000 in funding towards Proctors emergency roof repair above the Arcade.

“Proctors has been vitally important to Schenectady County’s revitalization, bringing world-class entertainment to the region, attracting thousands of new visitors to our community each year,” said Anthony Jasenski, Chair of the Schenectady County Legislature.  “This funding continues Schenectady County’s support of Proctors, the centerpiece of our downtown redevelopment efforts, ensuring that Proctors is here for many years to come bringing visitors from all over the region to our thriving downtown and surrounding areas.”

“The County Legislature has consistently been an advocate and supporter of Proctors....and the results are clear: 2800 events in 2018 attracting over 750,000 people!” said Phillip Morris, CEO of Proctors.

Schenectady County has invested nearly $20 million into Proctors since 2004.  The Schenectady County Legislature helped kicked off Proctors expansion campaign with a $1 million grant and transferred the Carl Company to Proctors for a new box office, the GE Theatre, conference and retail space, and the recently opened “Addy” theatrical training and innovation center.  This was followed by a $10 million investment by the Schenectady County Metroplex Development Authority.  In 2007, the Schenectady County Legislature awarded an additional $450,000 grant that completed Proctors fundraising efforts.  The County continues its support of Proctors each year with a $200,000 annual grant from the county hotel bed tax.

Proctors brings 750,000 patrons annually to downtown through more than 2,800 programs and events.  Additionally, Proctors engages with more than 40,000 area youth annually with live performances, films, artists in residence, tv and media training, summer school and workforce training.



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