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Joe Landry  Director of Public Works  ♦  Paul Sheldon  Director of Engineering 
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Current Projects

Rosendale Road and River Road Roundabout

The new roundabout is now open.

Rosendale Road (CR #158) in the Town of Niskayuna will be closed between State Route 7 (near Union Street) and River Road beginning Tuesday, June 2, 2020 and reopening on Monday, July 13, 2020 due to the installation of a roundabout at the intersection of River Road.  Rosendale Road between State Route 7 and River Road will be closed to through traffic at the River Road intersection, however, this section of Rosendale Road will be open to local traffic.

Nott Street Safety Improvement Project - Get information on the project as it progresses. 

Highway Improvements Project



Department  of Engineering

The mission of the Schenectady County Department of Engineering is to provide the highest quality engineering, survey, technical, and construction project management services to county government at the lowest possible cost.

The County Charter establishes a Department of Engineering and assigns the duties of surveys, design and structural engineering on the County Highway system. The Charter also assigns the engineering director to furnish engineering and other services as assigned by the County Manager.

Primary areas of responsibility include:

  • Highway Maintenance & Construction: County Engineers work with the Public Works Department on capital construction including highway reconstruction as well as bridge and culvert replacement. Activities include the survey/layout, design, contract bidding, contract inspection, and project development. 
  • Traffic & Transportation Analysis: Review and permitting of land/utility development activities along the County Highway System.
  • Health Department Administration: Provide the Environmental Health Department professional engineering assistance and plan review. Law requires a NYS licensed engineer for plan review or for technical consultation by Environmental Health staff.
  • Recreation Improvements including the design and construction administration for capital improvements such as the Mohawk Bike-Hike Trail expansion and rehabilitation 
  • Environmental engineering and analysis: Data collection for the multi-year MS-4 permit required by NYSDEC for storm sewer operation and enforcement at urbanized areas in cooperation with the Planning Department and municipalities. 
  • Aviation Engineering and support at the Schenectady County Airport including implementation of Federal Aviation Administration grants and operational directives.

The productivity and effectiveness of the department reflects the skills, experience and training of the engineering staff. The Director and Senior Civil Engineer are both NYS licensed professional engineers with broad engineering experience. Staff is committed to quality design and to getting projects completed successfully and within budget. 



Public Works

The mission of the Schenectady County Department of Public Works is to provide for safe, efficient, and responsive County highway system, automotive fleet, recreational areas, and administration of the Airport and Public Facilities. 

The Department of Public Works implements the construction, improvements, maintenance, repair, and lighting of all highways, roads, bridges, and structures, under the jurisdictions of the County. 

The Department of Public Works is also responsible for the maintenance of equipment and vehicles for the County and City fleet vehicles.

Administrative support is provided to the Office of Facilities, as well as the Office of Parks and the County Airport.

The Department also facilitates the Intermunicipal Highway Shared Services program. Snow and Ice control is managed on 716 lane miles of County, State and Town highways throughout Schenectady County. 

Highway Work Permit