Adult Probation Services

Adult Probation Services provides services to the Courts, offenders, victims, families of offenders and the community in the form of Court reports and dispositional recommendations, as well as community supervision to adult offenders released/placed on probation. Victim services include victim impact statements, restitution determination, collection, and distribution.


Adult Probation Supervision
The level of community supervision depends on the type of crime, as well as the risk and needs of the probationer, determined by evidence-based risk/needs assessments that are incorporated into an extensive report submitted for the court’s review. Referrals to treatment and counseling, case management, general and intensive supervision, drug testing, and electronic monitoring are aspects of community supervision that can be utilized dependent on various assessments. The Adult Probation Unit works in collaboration with other law enforcement agencies and many community based agencies to assist probationers in successfully completing their terms of probation. Probation Officers also provide intelligence gathering activities for gang suppression, drug awareness, and gun involved crimes.


Adult Probation Investigation 
The adult investigation unit completes Pre-Sentence, Pre-Plea, Supplemental, and Certificate of Relief from Disability investigations for all of the criminal courts in the County of Schenectady.  Adoption, custody and home study investigations are completed for Family Court.  Investigations are a critical time intensive function of the Probation Department’s workload. Reports may require numerous contacts with family members, employers, schools, neighbors, victims, and counseling or treatment centers. The investigation report includes a comprehensive, evidence based assessment and classification process that details aspects of the subject and his/her family situation, current and past behavior patterns and experiences. The investigation assesses criminogenic need and risk factors as they relate to the individual’s likelihood of behavior change.  Investigations aid courts in decision-making. The criminal investigation serves as a basis for the individual’s supervision plan as well as assisting jail/prison personnel in deciding facility placement and programming. Depending upon the nature of the crime addressed in an investigation, various assessments are completed. The Static-99 R, an actuarial tool utilized to assist with registration levels of convicted sex offenders is completed with the investigation, prior to sentencing. An investigation for a drinking and driving related matter will involve the use of the Impaired Driving Assessment, a screening tool utilized to identify DWI offenders risk  of engaging in future conduct of impaired driving, and help determine the most effective community supervision that will reduce such risk. 


Pre-Trial Release
Release Under Supervision (RUS) program provides the Court an option to release a defendant to probation prior to the disposition of their court matter. RUS is designed to reduce unnecessary incarceration and expenditures by servicing individuals who would remain in jail for the want of a reasonable bail. Our RUS program works collaboratively with the Alternative Treatment Court, a specialty court that focuses on offenders with mental health issues.


Ignition Interlock Device
Leanda’s Law went into effect August 15, 2010, requiring all persons convicted of drinking/driving offenses to install an ignition interlock device (IID) in any motor vehicle they operate. This includes persons sentenced to probation, conditional discharge, or to incarceration (upon their release from the correctional facility). The Schenectady County Department of Probation is the monitoring agency for all IID sentenced individuals in the county. A Probation Officer has the responsibility to monitor compliance with the installation order and service visits, and notify the court and District Attorney’s Office of any alleged tampering with, or circumvention of the ignition interlock device, report of any lock-out mode, and/or any report of a failed test or re-test where the BAC is .05% or greater.


Collection of Restitution
The Probation Department is the designated agency for collection of court-ordered restitution, fees, and surcharges. It is the policy of this department to address financial obligations in a manner that is consistent with acceptable accounting principles that provide for the collection, deposits, disbursement, and recording of funds collected. The Probation Department assists the court in collecting victim restitution by enforcing restitution orders.  The Department’s clerical staff collects restitution and disburses directly to the victim.



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