Schenectady County Environmental Advisory Council

SCEAC is made up of volunteers who share a strong commitment to preserving and enhancing the County’s rich environmental resources. The Council consists of 12 at-large members nominated by the Schenectady County Manager and appointed by the Schenectady County Legislature, plus members representing local environmental conservation commissions and six exofficio members. 

Powers and Charges of the Schenectady County Environmental Advisory Council

  • Advises the County Legislature on matters affecting the preservation, development and use of the natural and man-made features of the County, insofar as they have a bearing on environmental quality. 
  • Evaluates activities, projects and operations that may effect the environment to determine where major threats to environmental quality exist and, where appropriate, proposes remedial actions.
  • Raises public awareness concerning the importance of a healthy environment, gathers and disseminates public comment on environmental issues and encourages public support of environmentally sound policies and actions.
  • Supports County's Department of Economic Development and Planning's environmental  program activities and makes recommendations to enhance their plans and programs.
  • Improves the coordination and effectiveness of programs undertaken by the public and private agencies to preserve and enhance the environment.
  • Assesses the state of the County’s environment and produces an annual report that includes discussions of current problem areas and outlines priorites for future action.
  • Recommends additions to the County Nature and Historic Preserve.






Dept. of Economic Dev. & Planning
Schaffer Heights, Suite 303
107 Nott Terrace
Schenectady NY 12308
(518) 386-2225 (p)
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Ray Gillen