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Anthony Jasenski, Sr., Chairman of the Legislature  ♦  Geoff Hall, Clerk of the Legislature


Schenectady County Government is comprised of an elected legislative body composed of 15 representatives elected to four-year terms from four distinct districts.

The districts include:

  • District 1: City of Schenectady       3 Elected Legislators
  • District 2: City of Schenectady       3 Elected Legislators
  • District 3: Towns of Glenville and Niskayuna, and the Village of Scotia     5 Elected Legislators
  • District 4: Towns of Duanesburg, Princetown, and Rotterdam, and the Village of Delanson    4 Elected Legislators

The County Legislature determines all policy for the County and adopts and enacts resolutions and local laws necessary for the operation of County Government.

The County Legislature holds a bi-annual organizational meeting where they elected a Chair and Vice-Chair from their membership.  The Chair of the Legislature is the chief elected official for the County.

10.14.2020 Special Meeting for Budget Consideration

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that pursuant to Subdivision three of section 2.03 of Article II of the Administrative Code of the County of Schenectady, there is hereby called a Special Meeting of the County Legislature by the Clerk thereof, at the direction of Chair Anthony Jasenski, Sr., to wit:

THERE SHALL BE a Special Meeting of the Schenectady County Legislature on Wednesday, October 14th at 7:00 p.m. by the call of Chair Anthony Jasenski, Sr. to be held in the Chambers of the Schenectady County Legislature located at 620 State Street, Schenectady, New York, 6th Floor, for the consideration of resolutions adopting the proposed Schenectady County 2021 Program Budget and the proposed 2021-2026 Capital Improvement Program.

10.14.2020 Special Meeting Agenda

Click here to view the proposed 2021 Operating Budget 

Click here to view the proposed 2021-2026 Capital Improvement Budget

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2020 Program Budget TENTATIVE

2020 Capital Budget ADOPTED 

2020 County Legislature Meeting Schedule

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