External Career Resources

Included below is a listing of external websites and sources for obtaining employment. There are three categories, including Veteran specific career resources, a regional career bank sponsored by the Capital District Chamber of Commerce, and links to two of the largest websites for searching and finding careers.

If you need assistance or have questions regarding employment, please do not hesitate to contact our Human Resources Office, the Schenectady County One Stop Center, or our Department of Veterans Affairs.


Regional Career Opportunities:



Other Resources:

Monster.com- (http://monster.com/)

Indeed.com- (http://www.indeed.com)


Veterans' Services

Our New York State Career Centers offer convenient no cost job search services to all job seekers. Every Career Center has dedicated staff to help you assess your needs, skills, and interests. They will then guide you through a step-by-step approach to your job search. Visit your local Career Center today!

We are proud to offer Priority of Service to veterans and their eligible spouses. This means that if you served on Active Duty in the United States Armed Forces, you will:

  • Be served first by the next available staff member
  • Get first priority for jobs and training for which you are eligible and qualified

See the Services for Veterans Fact Sheet.


Disabled Veterans’ Outreach Program Specialists (DVOPs)

DVOPs are disabled veterans themselves. They provide intensive case management services to veterans with significant barriers to employment, special disabled and disabled veterans, and veterans ages 18 to 24. They also provide a full range of employment services, including comprehensive assessments, individual employment plans, job referrals, referrals to training and support services, and resume and interview preparation assistance.


Local Veterans’ Employment Representatives (LVERs)

LVER staff are also veterans. They specialize in advocating on behalf of veterans with business, industry, and community organizations to promote employment and training opportunities for veterans. They also provide services including job matching and job placement for veterans, conduct employer outreach, inform Federal contractors of the process to hire qualified veterans, and promote credentialing and licensing opportunities for veterans.

Find a New York State Veterans’ Program Staff Member

Do you need more help? E-mail us at ask.vets@labor.ny.gov

Feds Hire Vets
Welcome to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management’s Government-wide Veterans Employment Website. This website is a critical component of the Federal Government’s strategy for the recruitment and employment of Veterans.

Vet Net

VetNet is operated through a collaboration between The Institute for Veterans and Military Families and Hire Heroes USA and serves as a platform to help veterans and their families find careers. NGOs, employers and members of the media that would like to get involved can contact here.



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