Auxiliary Police

 Ray Feurstein - Chief 

 The Schenectady County Auxiliary Police O.E.M. is a Community based volunteer out reach unit. Devoted to helping Schenectady County and City residents make their communities a safer place to live and work. This devotion to the community not only reaches into neighborhoods but also into the Businesses and schools that make up all of the Schenectady County area and beyond.

The Schenectady County Auxiliary Police support Schenectady County's professional police agencies with additional policing resources at special events or in times of civil emergencies. Under the direction of Chief Ray Feurstein, these resources normally provide assistance with traffic control, crowd control, and Police presence and security.

The Schenectady County Auxiliary Police are DCJS (Department of Criminal Justice) certified highly trained and disciplined individuals. The Schenectady County Auxiliary Police unit currently consists of 30 members and operates under the Office of Emergency Management (O.E.M.) and Director Mark LaViollette. Periodic emergency drills are scheduled through the O.E.M. to help keep the level of emergency response, knowledge and skill up to date


Meetings are held at 7:oo pm the third Tuesday of every month
at the Auxiliary Police Head Quarters.


The Auxiliary Police was established pursuant to provisions of the Civil Defense act of 1951 and is composed of civic-minded residents of the community who work together to improve the level of safety and security in their community. The presence of the Auxiliary Police, in uniform, within the community has been proven to deter and or reduce vandalism, random nuisance and annoyance issues during details as well as other crimes in the community.

The Schenectady County Auxiliary Police were the first fully volunteer civilian police organization in the United States. All other civilian volunteer organizations have used, in part, the basic structure of this police organization to help form their individual groups. The Auxiliary Police maintain a high level of discipline, training and professional status in the community. Auxiliary Police organizations are able to maintain this level of excellence due to the fact that each member must submit to a complete Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) background check before being considered for membership. After which they are screened by the Police Board of Review. The continued training programs help to keep our officers at the top of their game. This builds confidence, self assuredness and pride in themselves and in the unit as a whole.




Mark LaViolette

Robert Moore
      Deputy Director

Kyle Rudolphsen
     Fire Coordinator

Emergency Management
130 Princetown Plaza
Schenectady, NY
(518) 370-3113 (p)