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Jaclyn Mancini, Director of Human Resources
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Welcome to the Department of Human Resources and Civil Service!

Schenectady County Government’s goal is to create a workforce that is committed to public service and quality performance.  Schenectady County Government is committed to creating a strong, diverse and inclusive workforce ready to serve the residents of Schenectady County.  The Schenectady County Human Resources Department strives to provide a comprehensive range of human services supports tour employees, to all levels of County government and to the municipalities that we serve.  The department assists with benefit and policy administration; acts as the liaison on human resource matters; ensures county compliance with applicable state and federal laws; and provides employee professional development.

Under the leadership of the Schenectady County Civil Service Commission, the department also provides local civil service functions to all local government jurisdictions within Schenectady County.  This includes conducting civil service exams, establishing and maintaining eligible civil service lists.

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