Access to Schenectady County Historial Literature

Copious County historic literature exists in many forms, principally books and e-books and postings on many websites accessible to the public. If one asks our own Schenectady Public Library website catalog for the category “Schenectady history,” well over a hundred titles are listed.

The website that contains the most history stories by far is that of the Schenectady County Historical Society, There, on the main page, one may select “newsletters” and find back issues dating back 20 years or so, most of which have lead stories that are historical in nature. Separately, the SCHS Librarian maintains a blog wherein most items are historical. And both the main page and the blog, have a handy Search feature.

Robert Sullivan, the current SCHS Board Secretary, who is also an SCPL librarian, has, for many years, been maintaining the website he created,, which contains much material about the earliest founders and settlers of our county, and even entire historic books pertaining to Schenectady County, all in all, a marvelous resource.

The local website has links to the biographies of a large number of electrical engineers and scientists, many of whom worked at one time or another at General Electric in Schenectady.

On Wikipedia, the entry Schenectady unveils many informative articles, most of which pertain to our present or former businesses. But the more specific entry Schenectady History leads to a treasure chest of useful information. I keep abreast of such entries and, in accord with Wikipedia rules, edit many of them to embellish them or correct errors.

If none of these paths lead to the history you seek, write to me and I’ll try to help.–Ed Reilly,



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